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The Maths Department has defied the Uni’s promise not to examine students on un-taught material

It just doesn’t add up

Students of the Maths department have been left confused and angered after receiving an email from the Head of Mathematics that seems to contradict previous communications from the University regarding exams.

In her email, apparently aiming to "outline how the [Department] is seeking to minimise disruption of your educational experience" as a result of the strikes, the Head of Department, Anne Taormina, states that Mathematics students can expect to be examined on material found on DUO, in textbooks or online lecture notes, even if they haven't had a physical lecture on the topic.

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"My interpretation of 'material that has been taught’ is material for which the students have received specific guidance, either in a physical lecture room environment, in tutorials or on line through specific lecture notes, exercise sheets and solutions to these, and/or specific chapters in textbooks.

"I have requested that all lecturers on strike provide the necessary information on DUO. So you must expect the exams to test all the learning outcomes covered through the media listed above."

Taormina's communication follows last week's email from the Pro-Vice Chancellor confirming the principle that: "Students will not be examined or assessed on material that has not been taught" as a result of the strikes.

"It’s almost laughable to think that uploading a pdf of what we’re meant to know to DUO counts as an adequate education," says student Josh Kay, who studies Mathematics modules as part of his Physics degree.

"We have all worked hard to get here, and I for one am here because of the quality of Durham’s lecturers – not their pdfs".

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SU President Megan Croll has confirmed that she will be speaking to the Pro Vice-Chancellor to address this issue.

Any students seeking to find out more about the impacts to their department should email [email protected] with the subject line “strikes -taught content” to receive this information directly.