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Richard Osman is in Durham and he wants to know whether we have a Nando’s

Can you help this man?

Peckish students will be racing down for a cheeky Nando's this evening after Richard Osman tweeted to ask whether Durham had a branch of the much-loved restaurant chain.

Comedian and presenter Osman has arrived in Durham for a sold out "evening of comedy, free drinks and food" this evening, but before arriving tweeted for confirmation that he would be able to find his favourite chicken establishment here.

We're sure that after being cooped up on a train with Scarlett Moffatt this afternoon, the self-proclaimed Nando's enthusiast – who once offered to stream his Nando's via "PeriPeriscope" – will be looking forward to a tasty chicken based-meal.

One Durham student asked the question that is on all our minds, "what we really want to know is whether Osman is a lemon-and-herb or an extra hot kind of guy".

An overwhelming twitter response saw suggestions of Durham favourites Fat Hippo, Flat White and even Greggs, but we think it would be Pointless to come to Durham without ending one's night with a Paddy's.

Regardless of his choice of meal, we wish Richard a peri-peri good time in Durham.