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All the things you’ll only know if you’re at Grey

Long live Grey College

grey Grey College

Now that Christmas break is over, it’s time to get reacquainted with your college. And though I’ll fight you if you ever dare insult Grey, we all know it has its little quirks. Here are some you may have forgotten.

The weird, mysterious smell in the TV room

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OK, so maybe it isn't so mysterious after all.

Is it food? Is it a decomposing body? Is it the smell of never opened windows? No one knows, but it will haunt you for days to come.

Trying to find the Grey Library open

Behind this door lies the hidden library

The Grey Library is a mythical creature. Legend says it will open when the moon turns blue and a Hatfield student with a pure heart knocks three times on Grey’s door.

Cold Holgate showers

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Hot water is turned off at 12 at Holgate. If you have a Holgate friend you will have seen them run to reach their showers before midnight, much like Cinderella.

The glory of the toastie bar

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It's beautiful, isn't it?

There is nothing better on a night in than a warm toastie, brought to you by Timmy Toast. We will even forgive that they raised the price of the mozzarella.

Sprinting for lunch

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A person who is very upset I made her stop on her run to take a picture.

No one wants to brace the cold for more than 30 seconds, so we will make it to lunch in 29, even if it means spraining an ankle (been there, done that). (Except Hollingside people. They don’t know the pain.)

Grey bum

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I used this picture as an excuse to rest for five minutes before going up the hill.

Grey is proud to sit atop the steepest hill in Durham. On top of getting a great bum, you can also pass it off as your daily exercise. I know I do.

Liking Jimmy’s

Jimmy’s may be a small, humid, cheesy hole, but it’s our small, humid, cheesy hole, and we wouldn’t change it for anything (except maybe Klute).

Waking up ten minutes before your lecture

Yes, he made it.

And still making it! The joys of living right above the Science Site.

And still…

Yes, we know our college isn’t Castle. We know we don’t have fancy ducks. But we have squirrels, and a phoenix, and some of the best people you will ever meet. Plus best college bar of the year 2016, apparently.