Durham does dating: Types of Tinder users

Swipe right into my heart

Durham University is the city for love, with an astonishing 72% finding their life partner at their time at University. But how do you go about finding your soul mate?  Where else to go that everyone’s favourite finger exercise – Tinder.

For the sake of serious journalism, I decided to take it upon myself to diagnose the typical Tinder users with the cheekiest/cheesiest conversation starters:

The stages were simple: Stage one: Download Tinder. Stage Two: Write a simple Bio. Step three: Wait.

What I’m working with:

The ten typical tinder conversation starters:

The Classic:

The Foodie:


The Skipper:


The Skeptic:


The Keen:


The Eye Curious:


The Complainer:


The Cocky:


The Sassy:


The Philosopher:


Perhaps one of these lovely lads/lasses are one of your future romantic partners…