We asked how you feel about the Wi-Fi being down

“Forlorn and morose”


The uni Wi-Fi is down! And DUO! And the online Library! And it looks as though we’ll be unable to use any of them for the rest of the day.

We wanted to document the havoc and confusion going on in the Bill Bryson right now, so we asked you how you feel about the Wi-Fi being down.

Emily Thomas, English and History, Grey, 2nd year

Sad and dejected, as is my project proposal.

Imogen Giddins, International Relations, Hild Bede, 3rd year

I feel like I’ve had a more productive day than I would have done with the internet but I wanted Facebook as a distraction. It’s been a nightmare.”

Louis Schilders, Classics, Grey,  2nd year Forlorn and morose. Lost in a sea of emotion.”

Sophie Gregory, English Lit, Grey,  2nd year

I feel like this is justification for me to spend more money and go out tonight.

Ekin Postalci, Law, Collingwood, 2nd year

International fees for this bullshit. Fuck the system.”

Domonkos Pereny, Chemistry, Cuths, 2nd year

My whole time management has been destroyed for this week. Who is responsible for this disaster?

Felix Winder, Theology, Collingwood, 2nd year

We need lyrics and we can’t print them so our lives and show at Fabio’s tonight are all messed up.”