Bae on a budget: Valentines Day for under a tenner

Because you’re worth it

V-day is here, but the problem is, you’ve spunked your student loan on quaddies and stash.

You want to impress Sally from your seminar, but you just can’t afford to splash out this year. We hear you, so here’s how to can do nail it for under a tenner.

For couples, surely your special someone will love you no matter how much you spend, right? For a cheap day – have a search around Durham’s glorious Botanic gardens and pick some sweet smelling flowers. Unleash your romantic flair and make your someones day. No expenses paid.

Nothing says “you’re special” more than a cheeky £3 meal deal from Tesco’s: take the sandwich out the packaging, and present it beautifully on a plate (she’ll never know), serve with a chocolate bar a la wrapper, of course, wash it down with a boutique soft drink of choice, their hunger is satisfied, but their sexual appetite is growing.

If that doesn’t make your special someone run away to find someone classier, they probably actually quite like you, congratulations.

The upstairs of Chapters Tearooms and 9 Alters Café provides an intimate space for a deep chat, and the coffee goes for just under £2. The same goes for The Pancake Cafe in Crossgate – this adorable little place will remind your special someone that behind all the meal deal there is a touch of feeling. Buy your date a cheap coffee and stick to water yourself, stay hydrated, if all goes to plan, you’ll need it.

With about a fiver left, it’s time to use some initiative.

Chose a cheap bottle of wine, be smooth and negotiate yourself a couple of drinks from your friends for pres (no-one counts how much vodka they give away). 3 litres of White Ace cider for £3.99 if you dare.

Share your haul between you and its money well spent. You’ll be well on your way to loose inhibitions.

Finally, finish it off with a night to remember. Rock up at the infamous Klute before the masses arrive and slip in for free. You may be dancing to Busted’s ‘Year 3000’ on your own, but it’s a perfect opportunity to make your move. Forget the bar staff watching, and start showing your chosen one how it’s done.

If you’ve picked right, bae won’t be adverse to using their natural talents to score a few free shots. You’ll be drunk, in Klute, and with someone of the opposite sex, you’re bound to score.

Go in for the kill. If it works, head home to reap the rewards, and if it doesn’t stick about, it’s Klute, there’ll be another along in a minute or two.

Who said romance is dead?