Oliver Poole

An ode to Durham’s drunk food servers

We love you, no really.

Here’s the tragic advice Durham Uni are tweeting its freshers

‘Go for coffee and of course CAKE’

There are nude parties at Ivy League schools, where you can’t get drunk

Students say they felt liberated, energized and alive

Last month was officially the wettest June we’ve ever experienced

It just didn’t stop raining…

We quit our jobs in our twenties to become full-time paedophile hunters

‘We catch online predators who try to groom and meet up with children following sexual grooming’

A second-year has launched a petition to make GCSE Politics compulsory

It’s had nearly 15,000 signatures and will be recognised by the Government

Durham university is the best in the UK

It’s Oxbridge without the mental breakdown

We went to the London anti-Brexit rally with angry young people in the pouring rain

Someone compared Farage to Voldemort

Brian Cox rejects ‘safe space’ policies and criticises universities banning speakers

He called it ‘nonsensical’

Young people screwed themselves over by not voting

Only a third of us bothered to take part

Collingwood fresher breaks into music industry with record deal

He’s never been to the library

It’s time to let go of your Oxbridge rejection

It’s over

A gap year makes uni so easy

You get more than just a tan

The pre-fresh guide to Durham colleges

Do you even Durham?

We asked you which Oxbridge college rejected you and why

You wanted to come to Durham anyway

First year is the best year of your life

‘Mate, it’s first year…’

Caps aren’t edgy, they’re just stupid

We’re indoors you moron

Bae on a budget: Valentines Day for under a tenner

Because you’re worth it

Lloyds is the smart choice on a Wednesday night

Choose life

Chad’s apparently victim of a suspicious ‘intruder’

Strangers really are a danger

Day Drinking in Durham is the only way to go

Who even likes clubbing?