An idiot’s guide to organised fun after exams

Besides Klute

After being pretty much off-limits for the whole of the term, Durham’s nightlife is dusting off its questionable door policies and trebles deals, ready to welcome you back with open arms.

This week welcomes in the end of exams for a lot of people, and if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll be wanting to know what kind of events have been planned to keep you entertained for the remaining weeks of your tenancy contract.

Here’s a selection of some of the best events planned for the next month.

Fever and Arc

Kicking off the revival of fun is Fever and Arc’s joint event, End of Exams Party. Cheap entry, cheaper drinks, this is the perfect way to end the month of monotony by getting through Loft’s supply of jägerbombs and dancing to some funky tunes.

It’s this or Klute.


Arc are dominating Durham’s nightlife scene this summer, hosting everything from club nights to boat parties, and constantly representing the most talented new artists and DJs in the area.

Their Hotbox event on the 28th May promises to be a special one, featuring talented DJs, tasty drinks and a great atmosphere.

The best part about this event is that tickets are available on the door, so you don’t have to plan your night weeks in advance to be able to go.

The Carnival Dance

Arc are back again, this time reunited with their equally talented pals Fever, to bring you The Carnival Dance.

As well as promises of amazing decorations and rumours of jerk chicken, the night is headlined by the talented Weaver Bros, who are resident DJs at Cirque du Soul.

Gospel Project

On 30th May Monk bring back their notorious and exclusive Gospel Project.

Starting in the afternoon, this all-day event combines drinking, dancing and fancy dress which will undoubtedly end messily as someone tries for an alleyway shag while the sun is still up.

If previous Gospels are anything to go by, this is the place you want to be on a sunny Saturday.

Aggression Sessions

Something new comes to Durham on 31st May in the form of Aggression Sessions.

This event has been hyped up for a while as an exciting and oh-so-Durham combination of black tie and boxing.

The boxers have been intensively training for months and promise a good performance full of blood, sweat and champers.

Sunset Boat Party

General Gyro’s Sound System crashes into Durham with its Sunset Boat Party.

Starting at 6.30pm on the 1st June, this event also includes an afterparty at the less-known but possibly up-and-coming Fishtank. If you were around for the glory days of Loft and China Town, the mere nostalgia of the location might tempt you.

If you like Jungle, Dub, Reggae and Grime you should definitely check it out.

Hild Bede Summer Ball

With Scouting for Girls as their headline act for last year, this year’s Hild Bede Summer Ball on the 12th June promises big things.

The huge scale of the ball, featuring fairground rides, food and of course lots of acts, makes it one of the best balls in Durham.


If you don’t know anyone at Hild Bede or can’t afford to splash out on another ball, there is an alternative night out that might just become the best of your life.

That’s right – on 12th June the one, the only, 2007-legend Basshunter will be gracing the sticky floor of Loveshack.

If you’re a fan of his music, or just want to say you were there, get your ass down to Shack.

Thanks to Gospel Project, Fever, Fishtank, Aggression Sessions