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Deputy Editor, The Tab Durham

Oriel Wells
Durham University


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The five stages of your dissertation breakdown

There will be tears

Why I’m not going to answer your 2am ‘You up?’ text

It’s not even Goldrush

DU fashion show was smoking

Hummus was thrown

Two second years drove 22,000km from London to Cape Town for charity

It was the ‘journey of a lifetime’

Meet the models of the charity fashion show

Get ready to lose all your self-esteem

What the death of Paradise Disco means for Durham

Very little

DUCFS are launching with a huge one in Loft


Second years attempt to become first to cross Iceland

And you thought Palatinalps was impressive.

Get Ready for Jam City

More music than you can shake a stick at

Basshunter on naked men, cross dressing and his love of Durham

‘Love doesn’t pay bills, love doesn’t pay rent, and love doesn’t take you to Magaluf on a holiday.

Meet Durham’s latest club night owner Meek For-Bees

That’s not even his real name

Calling a club night P.U.L.L. isn’t offensive, it’s embarrassing

Nobody is shocked by the idea people go clubbing to get laid

Who’s playing Durham in Freshers’ Week?

It’s about to get messy

Unis care more about research than they do about us, says top minister

Boris Johnson’s little brother is on the warpath

Angelina Jolie has an exact lookalike from Scotland

She claims she can’t see the resemblance

Anti-badger cull protest took place today outside Westminster

And it was headlined by Brian May

Why haven’t you hired roly poly stripper Debbie Dumpling for your birthday?

She came in like a wrecking ball

How YOU can get the perfect summer body

Are you bikini body ready?

An idiot’s guide to organised fun after exams

Besides Klute

Meet the new Durham fashion president and relive this year’s glory

Get ready to meet the new exec in charge of creating 2016’s biggest social event

How private school is your college?

Surprise surprise

Where to have sex in Durham

Because you’ve always wanted to know

What is the defining look of our uni?

If you want to stereotype

Lecturer sacked for ‘leaking’ info on VC’s million pound house loan and £100k away day

He wasn’t even the whisteblower

If you study Engineering you’re more likely to be a billionaire

And they’ve made it into Forbes

Fear of being laughed at is making women too scared to exercise

Leave them alone

The Daily Mail says you’ve been posing for photos wrong your whole life

Rethink everything

Body found in search for Durham doctor

He was last seen on Saturday

These foods will boost your brain power

Science means that you can eat more, study less

Oxbridge is ‘institutionally racist’ and a ‘finishing school’ for poshos, says top Cambridge prof

Knew it, been saying that for years

Durham’s Monopoly Board

We’ve taken the key points of Durham and partnered them with their Monopoly other half, because forced association is almost as fun as the board game itself

Durham’s most eligible bachelorette: Sacha Waters

She has three older brothers

Durham’s most eligible bachelorette: Alexandra Brogan

She’s legal

Durham’s most eligible bachelorette: Charlie Fisher

She’s exotic

The Durham University Fashion Show 2015 was incredible, as these pictures show

The pinnacle of the Durham social calendar

Durham’s most eligible bachelor: Digby Walker

Does he ever close his mouth?

Durham’s most eligible bachelor: Richard Geiger

Does this water polo hunk get you wet?

Valentine’s Day in Durham

A time when many of us feel like we’ve truly hit rock bottom. But are us singletons really missing out?

Durham’s most eligible bachelor: Fabian Eccles Williams

He’s Fab(ian)

Facebook: The ‘you’ you want to forget

Remember the old you that sported a side fringe and used emojis as punctuation? We do.

Durham’s most eligible bachelor: Fred Swift

Holy hell can this boy rock a kilt

Durham’s most eligible bachelor: George Essex

The first in our series of bachelors is Geography student George, a fresher at Hild Bede

TabGuide: Chopping a Pint

In the fast-paced, alcohol fuelled world that is uni the ability to down large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time is considered a much sought after skill

Why you should hate your housemates by now

Reminiscing about those halcyon days of cleaners and carb filled food? You’re not alone

You’ve got into Durham now here’s everything you need to know

In case any of you need an ego boost

Durham Cribs: 20-21 Church Street

Think that all student houses are shitholes? Think again….

Durham’s worst colleges

Get ready to have your prejudices validated and fears realized with our compilation of the worst colleges in Durham

TabGuide: Durham Lingo

It’s time for you to set yourself apart from the locals and finally figure out how to speak Durham

Is Durham under the grip of the Default Man?

Warning: contains dicks.

VOTE: Best Frep Video

Some will just make you cringe and some will make you wish you applied there instead. But which is the best?

How to end a long-distance relationship

Already had enough of long-distance? If you need to get out of a relationship fast and have no idea how to do this then read on to be free from your ball and chain in a matter of hours…

How to keep a long-distance relationship going

Worried about being away from your partner for the first time? Scared that being hundreds of miles apart might threaten your idyllic relationship? Well fortunately ORIEL WELLS is here with some handy tips to make sure that you’re still together by Christmas.

8 things you should know by the end of first year

As the year draws to a close, the Freshers will soon be fresh no more. And so, ORIEL WELLS brings you 8 things you should know by now.

QUIZ: Which Durham night out are you?

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of nights out Durham has to offer? Feel the need to define yourself based on what you do in you spare time? Then ORIEL WELLS has the perfect quiz for you!

How to prepare for post-exam freedom

Exams may not have started yet, but ORIEL WELLS is here to help you prepare for when they do finally finish.

6 societies you should avoid if you ever want a job

It’s great to be rounded, right?! Not exactly, which is why ORIEL WELLS is here to let you know which student societies you should definitely avoid bringing up in that all important grad scheme interview.