Street Style: Coat Watch

The best outerwear on this side of the Wear

The clocks have gone back and the temperature has plummeted like the last of your dignity on a Friday night in Klute, so it’s time to wrap up in your winter warmers as we bring you the best coats on the street this season.


1st year // English student // Chad’s

Emily’s preppy style is offset in her bold choice of colour for the statement lanyard and folder combo. Her hooded coat shows a sensible respect for the unpredictability of the weather – who needs to check the forecast when you have the trusty all-purpose duffle coat on standby?


2nd year // Politics and Sociology // John’s

White turtle neck, buckled boots and a responsibly sourced vintage cape – Sasha has hit the triple threat on the style game. The forest green cape adds a cosy layer of mystery to an otherwise structured outfit. When quizzed, Sasha tells us that she gets most of her clothes second hand – if you want this look, it’s high time you hit the chazza shops.


1st year // Philosophy and Theology // Cuths

The muted colour palette of Marcus’ outfit is complemented by his ultra-edgy framed glasses. Tying the look together, his top knot draws maximum attention to his chiselled features and his unbuttoned coat shows how even the weather isn’t as cool as him.


1st year // Chinese // Castle

Monochrome chic with a fur lined hood: Vanessa is keeping it classy and comfy on her walk back to the Bailey. Her go-to look showcases the classic staple of ankle boots with jumper. The geometrical patterning on this coat adds a fun twist to her relaxed style


4th year // French and Spanish // Hild Bede

Describing her wardrobe selections as “chaotic”, Hannah attracted our attention with this effortless ‘I-just-woke-up-like-this’ ensemble. The red notes in her scarf play on the autumnally appropriate oversized coat. A definite winner in the fashion stakes, well played Hannah, albeit accidentally.

Ben & Ollie

2nd year // Maths // Collingwood

Parka pals Ben and Ollie here, clearly demonstrate how friends who dress together, stay together. Parka pals Ben and Ollie clearly extend this motto to their wardrobe selections, as seen in their matching outerwear. But where Ben is working the navy of his coat to full effect by covering top to toe in blue, Ollie takes a more relaxed approach in his grey joggers – it must be exhausting work turning the pages of the Palatinate.