‘Can we top and tail?’: Newcastle lads break into freshers’ room at 4am

They tried to sleep on the floor

Two Hatfield students were given an early Halloween scare last night when a couple of drunken Newcastle lads broke into their room as they slept.

The two girls, both in first year, were woken up at about 4am by one of the boys opening the door and calling out.

One of the girls told The Tab that she assumed they were there to see her room mate and “thought nothing of it” until she realised the time and the fact that neither of the intruders knew anyone in the room.

Everybody wants to go to Hatfield

She described the boys as “very drunk” and said that “despite us telling them to leave so many times they refused” saying that they would sleep on the floor.

It took the boys nearly an hour to leave the room despite being persistently told by the girls.

To enter the staircase the two inebriated visitors had jumped over a wall on the Bailey and had climbed through and open window they happened across whilst walking past Hatfield.

The low wall outside Hatfield (photo: GOOGLE)

The two told the startled residents that they were visiting a friend in Durham and had got lost trying to find his house.

After the shock of the initial intrusion had worn off the girls said the boys were “very funny and harmless” with one of them claiming he played rugby for England and had been voted the hottest guy in Newcastle.

His friend said “have you seen the size of my arms?” before asking “can we top and tail?”.

Hatfield College warned students to contact police or porters

This afternoon Hatfield College sent an email to all students advising students to always lock the door at night and contact the porters if any such incidents occur again.