Prince Sven: Student blags taxi ride claiming he is royalty

He’s just some fancy foreigner with a posh accent

Third-year PPE student Sven scored a free taxi ride by claiming he was Swedish royalty.

Prince Sven himself.

He was dismayed to find himself drunk and alone in Toontown after St Aidan’s Newcastle Night last week.

Sven, who had already spent over £500 on the night, tells us that he began looking for a hotel to spend the night in when he realised he’d been left behind:

“I approached a gentleman outside of the club who turned out to be a drug dealer. He told me he didn’t know where the nearest hotel was and offered me some hard drugs instead.”

The bewildered student then jumped into the nearest taxi, the cost of which he decided would be a “marginal addition” to his expensive evening:

“By this time I had started to sober up so I decided to have some fun.”

So, when innocent taxi driver Ammar asked what the Swedish student was doing in Durham, he replied:

“I’m here under a hidden identity to avoid the paps in my own country. I am the Prince of Sweden.”

Sven tries his luck once more…

“Prince Sven” informs us he took his inspiration from our own Prince William, who attended St. Andrews University in Scotland to dodge the cameras.

On arriving back in Durham, the trusting taxi driver addressed the student as “Your Highness”, adding that it had been an “honour” driving him and his journey was free of charge.

Sven is confident that his royal disguise will work again.