Pro Green post-slap: ‘What’s happened to rock and roll?’

Slappy rapper just doesn’t understand why hitting a fan is ‘such a big thing’

Student-slapping Pro Green has finally spoken out about hitting a student in the face at the Durham SU ball nearly 3 weeks after The Tab Durham exclusively broke the story.

“I don’t reflect on things like that,” he told the Mirror, “If someone abuses you and throws their hand up at your face, then someone says that you hit a fan I’m just like like what fan?

“It happened. I mean, what’s happened to rock and roll? I don’t understand why it became such a big thing.”

Just be good to Green.

Despite a smacking performance though, Pro Green hasn’t been hitting it hard at home.

He admitted “My life has become a domestic hell. I’ve got the dogs back in the house. I’ve had a new lawn laid. I don’t feel that rock and roll [at the moment]. It’s a bit boring. Maybe I’ll just slap someone else. I won’t by the way, that was a joke.”

Unless maybe you call him a cunt.