£50 million to be spent building a “student castle”

A castle away from Castle…

Student Castle, a student accommodation development company, has invested £50 million pounds to build digs for 440 students.

View from the “castle”

They have proposed to build 311 studios and 24 “cluster flats” at 18- 29 Claypath, however this would involve demolishing Oldfields, Kwik Fit, Durham City Snooker Club and Warm Sanctuary.

The building would be seven stories high and have a full time receptionist, common room, management offices and shop fronting onto Claypath.

Manchester’s Castle

The proposals are being discussed by officials today at the Gala Theatre.

The “King of the Castle,” Edward Cade, has stressed the importance of this meeting. He said “people are often sceptical of these schemes and their impact. Hopefully we can appease those concerns and demonstrate we are here for the long-term.”

He has also stated that he is keen to get rid of the “fairly unattractive elements of the Claypath” and make an “architectural improvement.” Student Castles are equipped with SkyTV, “ultra fast broadband” and wifi, as well as sometimes having 3D TVs and pool tables.

Student Castle was made in 2010 and now houses over 2000 students in universities such as Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff.