Are you having a laugh-borough?: Durham loses to Loughborough for quality of life

Durham has fallen from first to third in The Telegraph’s rankings

Last year Durham University came first in the Telegraph’s “Top Ten Universities for Quality of Life.” However, this year Durham has fallen down two spaces to third.

Despite slipping down the rankings, Durham still remains remarkably high on the list, which, according to the Telegraph, is because of our outrageously cheap restaurants, bars and shops.

…the epitome of a high quality of life

Loughborough has won first place as it has scored highly in several categories.

Nine out of ten students have claimed to be completely satisfied with their course as well as students rating their social life as one of the best in Britain.

“It is really cringe that we’ve lost to Loughborough, Loughborough’s image is just a sports university with a horrific student union video. I’m sure their standard of life will drop once they graduate and can’t find a job” commented a third year law student.

Durham, however, did manage to beat Loughborough to Sports University of the Year.

Definitely a smashing social life

The Top Five:

1. Loughborough

2. Bath

3. Durham

4. Newcastle

5. Glasgow

You can find the complete list here.