If Durham won’t go to the mountains then the mountains must come to Durham

Market Square welcomed 20 tonnes of snow today in a bid to promote DUSSC and the annual Palatinalps ski trip

Yesterday Durham centre saw 20 tonnes of snow delivered by Snozone transforming the Market Square into a snow park for the first time ever.

The effort was to promote the upcoming and highly anticipated Palatinalps ski trip that takes place from the 2nd – 10th of January next year, it will see hundreds of Durham students don their salopettes and descend on the French resort of Les Arcs.

Ice cool moves

Not only did Market Square have riders from DUSSC, NUCO academy, Snozone and NUSSC (Newcastle University Ski and Snowboard Club) showing off their talents, but the boys from Arc made an appearance providing a brilliant après atmosphere.

They DJ’d out of a red bull events truck surrounded by loungers, lazyboys and free red bull giving students a taste and reminder of the après Palatinalps offer.

Arc up to their usual antics

One fresher commented “This has made me so excited for the ski trip, the music was brilliant and seeing the riders made me definitely more likely to sign up.”

There was of course lovely commentary from the likes of Digby Walker and Fred Swift, who were suitably dressed for the occasion.

Standard attire.

Palatinalps has said that it was a multi-man effort to make and shape the ramp, which included both a pipe then a box for the skiers and snowboarders to show of their skills. The afternoon saw Palatinalps and DUSSC reps giving out over 1000 t-shirts, lanyards, and stickers.

Booking for the trip opens on the 20th of October at 8 am with the launch party on the 15th October.

Not one to miss.