Durham dominates league tables

Move over Oxbridge! Durham tops rankings in English, History, French and many more in University League Tables

The Complete University Guide’s league tables were released today, and Durham proved that “Doxbridge” really should exist.

Durham topped Oxford and Cambridge in English, History, French, Theology, German and Middle Eastern and African Studies and in Archaeology and Chemistry Durham held a tight third.

Don’t worry Oxford, there’s always next year…

We also managed to top Oxford in Italian, Geography, and Physics. In fact the only subjects that Durham did not appear in the top ten were for the ones that we don’t offer.

Durham came fifth overall in the league tables, but had 100% of all of its subjects in the top ten. However, poor Cambridge only secured 97.8% and Oxford a shameful 91.9%.

Chin up Oxbridge

Unfortunately, Durham was only a low 23rd for Student Satisfaction, losing out to the University of Birmingham.

Durham’s overall rankings

Overall, Durham has held a steady place in the last few years, improving massively from 2008, settling down to a steady ranking in 2012.

Sorry Oxbridge, you’re just not good enough.