Friday Night Fever

Back for their third night of the year on Friday, Lorcan Treacy sits down with the Fever boys – Josh, Will & George – for a catchup after two sell out nights.

Last time I saw you we discussed the barriers to entry for a new night. It seems that you’ve passed the test. Why do you think Fever’s gone down so well?

I think the key to it all is not compromising on quality in any way. We’ve tried to be at the top of our game in terms of music and production quality and that’s why we’re proud to have sourced No Artificial Colours for our last night of term to bring you one of the best names on the circuit right now.

I wouldn’t say I’m much of a dance music veteran, but even I’ve heard of No Artificial Colours. Convincing them to come up to Durham must feel pretty special?

From the beginning our plan has been to bring in the people who are creating some of the biggest waves in the electronic scene even if they’re not necessarily daytime-radio chart toppers. Named by Pete Tong of Radio 1  as the future stars of 2014, No Artificial Colours are finding themselves on line-ups alongside the likes of Skream, Duke Dumont, Paul Woolford & Julio Bashmore – they are possibly the biggest music act to ever grace Durham, never mind the dance-floors of Loft. Their music style is versatile and in the same way as we like to cover Disco, House and Techno on night, they make music that plugs elements of multiple dance music genres.

I seem to remember that at the last Fever with Walker & Royce, slices of watermelon were marched out onto the dancefloor at around 2am? Was I seeing things, or did that actually happen?

That did indeed go down. Who wouldn’t love some fresh, cold watermelon to cool things down at that time of the night?! That kind of thing just shows our fun side, we want the event to be light hearted and full of surprises. It was funny watching people’s faces move from surprise to confusion to delight as we paraded around with the fruit. It also meant for a few passionate moments on the dancefloor for some lucky partygoers seen below.

Amazing. Well we look forward to seeing what other surprises are in store on Friday night. So what does the future hold, will you be back after Easter?

Don’t you worry there will be plenty of surprises this Friday. The aim is keep every event different to the last, so be sure to look out for any out of the ordinary activity.

There’s no doubt that we’ll be back after Easter. We’ve got some big things planned for next term under our sleeves and if everything goes to plan, Durham students will certainly be treated to something completely different to what they they’ve come to expect…

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