Baa-baa-barbaric: couple jailed for murdering SHEEP and using bloody head to scare CHILDREN

A couple have been jailed after brutally decapitating a sheep and shaking its head at a group of petrified children.

Robert Carr, 28, and Miranda Clark, 39, from Willington, Durham, stabbed the rare breed in the neck and stomach multiple times before removing its head and flaunting it afterwards.

“Haa-aaa-ve mercy!”

The attack took place in Durham Dead Woods, no pun intended, in August last year. The couple’s dog reportedly started attacking the sheep before Carr finished the job.

They then completed the sick ritual by removing the sheep’s eyes and making the head ‘talk’ to a group of horrifed children, before tossing it into a neighbour’s garden.

The pair had previously pleaded guilty to several offences including three counts of cruelty to a minor and one count of causing unnecessary suffering to yet another defenceless animal.


Gerry Sydenham, head of the Crown Court Unit for CPS North East, said: “Not content with killing and mutilating the rare sheep, they then went on to traumatise a group of local children with the animal’s severed head, before discarding it as an afterthought in a neighbour’s yard.”

Sydenham said the mutilation of the docile animal was a form of “twisted entertainment” for the pair.

Carr was given a 20-month sentence and Clark was given eight months.

They have since split up.