What a Cop Out

A police officer remains un-prosecuted after he drove at 140mph to impress a prisoner.

The prisoner in transport made a complaint about the Durham officer’s excessive speed once they arrived at their destination, but no attempts at prosecution have been made.

Travelling from Leeds to Darlington on a non-emergency job, it was reported that PC Barry Evans discussed the vehicle’s powerful BMW performance with his passenger.

Both inconspicuous and excellent for drag racing.

One source said: “Apparently the prisoner asked how fast it would go and the officer said something along the lines of ‘I’ll show you’.

Superintendent Darren Ellis said the force had taken the allegation “very seriously”. Whether they misheard him say “hilariously” remains contended.

Jenny, caught off guard.

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman described Durham Police’s decision not to prosecute as “incredible” and calls for the PC to be charged.

Although Evans was disciplined and removed from road policing duties, an internal misconduct hearing decided against prosecution. It described him as “a highly skilled driver” and stated that the car was “not driven dangerously”.

Clearly driving at 140mph is only subjectively dangerous for those in the police force.

Legal in no way.

Evans will have to go through a driving school reassessment but will still be allowed to return to full operational duties.

It is against the law for police officers to drive above the speed limit when not on an emergency.

That is, unless you are the law, and then it appears to be fine.