How to procrastinate – Winter Edition

It’s the first week back, which basically means it’s still the holidays. Here are 6 legit reasons to bury your head in the sand ahead of Winter exams.

1. Browse through Palatinalps photos

Time to reminisce on what a great week it was, and how gnarly you looked sporting those wacky pink sunglasses.  This is also an excellent opportunity to look for a new profile picture/cover photo. If you didn’t go (why?!), stalk everyone that did, and then make a mental note to go next time.

Prime cover photo material

2. Top up on food shopping

There was probably at least something you forgot on your trip 2 hours ago. If not, why not stock up in case the snow finally does arrive, or even try and get some end-of-the-day deals. Bonus: you get to waste more time eating the shit you buy.

Supermarket banter

3. Do some other shopping

It’s a whole term colder. Time to invest in a new hat. Or scarf. Or wardrobe.

She’s got the right idea

4. Plan your work schedule

Feel extra extra organised by planning your entire term out in your organiser. You can even decorate around the edges for extra procrastination.

Poor effort

5. Socialise

You haven’t seen most of your Durham friends in a whole 5 weeks – it’s the only courteous thing.

Don’t want to end up like this guy

6. Catch up on missed TV

If you’ve been trapped without internet on the ski trip then you’ll have a whole week of programmes which will be gone forever if you don’t catch them in the next week (slash month). Alternatively, wrap up the TV series you started on LoveFilm over Christmas by watching the last few episodes, or be cursed with the OCD of knowing you haven’t finished it.


Pictures from, and Wikipedia.