Cov Uni working with police and threatening expulsion after massive halls party

They have also closed communal areas

Coventry University has threatened expulsion and confirmed they are working with police to review CCTV footage and to find out whether the Arundel House halls party was planned. The news was confirmed in an email sent by Professor Guy Daly, the Vice Chancellor of Coventry University.

The email reads: “We don’t yet know how many of our students were involved but we are deeply concerned by the scenes in the video. Those who blatantly breach the rule of six and other guidelines risk the health of themselves, fellow students, our colleagues and the communities in which we are located. The police are investigating and have already reviewed the CCTV footage.

“Our disciplinary team is also working with the police and the private accommodation provider to investigate this incident – checking CCTV footage and identifying participants from social media. Appropriate action will be taken where any Coventry University students were involved”.

The company that owns Arundel House have also issued a statement after a massive house party attended by 200 people broke out last night. A video of the party shows a huge crowd gathered within the accommodation common room, chanting and breaking a ping pong table.

A spokesperson for NIDO said: “We were made aware of a large social gathering in our residence in Coventry last night. Steps were immediately taken to deal with the gathering, including calling the police for assistance. The police were unfortunately unable to attend at the time. We understand that they are under a lot of strain due to the number of similar incidents, both in Coventry and nationally.

“We are in close contact with FutureLets at Coventry University and are assisting the local authorities with their investigation.  In line with government advice, we are reinforcing our zero-tolerance policy to different households mixing and have put in place stringent Covid-19 related measures, including the installation of Perspex screens at reception and hand sanitiser stations throughout the building, the posting of social distancing guidance and measures, ensuring PPE is worn by all staff outside of the office and providing residents with regular updates on the latest government guidance.

“We have also now restricted all visitors to the building, closed communal areas, and have stepped up security across our residences to oversee these policies. We do not want the actions of a few to affect the experience of many. Our first priority is always the safety of our residents and we will continue doing everything possible to protect their health and wellbeing”.

The party comes after news that Coventry University has five cases within its student body, with students on and off-campus testing positive for COVID-19.

West Midlands Police also gave a statement, which reads: “We attended Arundel House today (September 29) following reports of a large gathering of students in the early hours of this morning. It’s believed around 200 people may have been present in a common room. We will be examining CCTV and will take action if evidence comes to light that this was a planned party”.

The Coventry Tab will update you on this story as we get more information.