Top 10 procrastination stations in Cambridge

Working hard, or hardly working?

Exam season is upon us. As students return back to Cambridge, and the libraries slowly fill up, the people of Cambridge seem to be settling into a quieter term of study. Easter term is here; a term known for taking things too seriously.

“But I’m not ready to do any actual work just yet!” – I hear you cry.

If this is you – do not fret! If you’re not quite in the mood to rise and grind, here are ten Cambridge study spots ranked in terms of procrast-ability. Disclaimer: these get progressively more rogue.

I might have some ideas… (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

10. Marshall Economics Library

Coming in at number 10, we have the Economics Library. Still a fairly quiet library on Sidgwick, but not quite as sterile and lifeless as the Squire Law Library, you can definitely get some work done here.

Some serious work going on here (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

However, the Marshall Library’s popularity also means another thing; you’ll probably bump into somebody you know. This makes it an excellent choice of library to procrastinate if you’re in the mood for a little catch-up!

9. Harvey’s Coffee House

Another excellent pick on Sidgwick Site. Harvey’s has a cosy atmosphere which lends itself perfectly to having a nice relax or chatting with some friends. The baristas here are also always friendly which is great if you find yourself wanting to delay cracking down to do any actual work.

The perfect procrastination station (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

Tip: Ask what filter specials they have, or simply stare at their lovely array of cakes and pastries to pass some time.

8. Bould Brothers

Another favourite, either location will do. If you can’t seem to get any work done, a trip to a nice overpriced coffee shop should do the trick. Rumour has it you may even bump into your future spouse here.

Worth a shot? (Image credits: Facebook @Crushbridge)

If you’re a Geography student, why not have a deep conversation with the staff about the geographical origins of the coffee beans – it’s not like you have anything better to do.

7. Michaelhouse Cafe

I respect the venturing out into town, but if you exclusively work in coffee shops you’re either a genius who can somehow tune out all external chatter, or spend your time doing essential “admin” – which defo consists of spending hours scheduling your day on Google Calendar to avoid doing any real work.

But trust me, I don’t blame you! Who wouldn’t want to appear all academic and mysterious, only to order an oat milk latte as an excuse to evade all university responsibilities?

6. Seeley Library

Purely because I am writing this article right now in the Seeley Library, heavily procrastinating any sort of revision.

Why not have a photoshoot whilst you’re here? (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

5. ARC Cafe

Oh the ARC cafe, why so loud all the time? If you really want to procrastinate, make sure you go to the ARC Cafe at lunchtime, preferably at the hour when lectures finish, and stampedes of people come flooding in. The rowdy lunch canteen vibes are an excellent choice if you are in the mood to procrastinate.

4. A bench

A bench. Literally anywhere. Brood mysteriously and let your brain “rest” – it is a muscle after all! Sit down, relax, and let the Crushbridges roll in.

This could be you! (Image credits: Facebook @Crushbridge)

Sit by King’s Parade if you want to take the procrastination to another level, and wait to get ambushed by TabTV or that TikToker – you know the one.

3. Group ‘revision’ session

Next on our list of procrastination stations has got to be the group “revision” session. Want a one-way ticket to Chatville? This is the perfect excuse to natter with your friends.

Come on, we all know it comes from a great place, but let’s not kid ourselves here. By “group revision session” do you mean an excuse to gossip about everything and anything other than revision?

A first-rate choice if you want to be “collegiate” with your studies, but in reality do absolutely nothing. Would highly recommend!

2. The pub

Again, any pub will do. Please don’t even try to say you can revise four pints down. This one ranks highly in procrast-ability.

It’s a slippery slope (Image credits: Amy Garrod)

1. Bed

I’ve tried this before. Tell yourself, “I’m just going to do this reading in bed, I really don’t need to write any notes anyway!”

At least its a start … (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

You’ll soon find yourself suddenly disorientated – check the time – two hours have passed – and … you’ve done absolutely nothing. This one really works a treat – what better way to procrastinate than having a nice nap?

Didn’t come from me (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

Whatever study spot you prefer, just remember, delaying your work is not always a bad thing; it’s important to strike a balance! *Coming from someone currently writing a Tab article instead of revising.*

Featured image credits: Emily McDonagh

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