Camstrology: What’s your college’s star sign?

Because zodiac signs aren’t just for people!

Zodiac signs. Whether you love them or hate them, you’d be lying if you said you’ve never Googled your star sign personality traits just to see what a fabulous and virtuous person you are. Who doesn’t love that little ego boost you get when you see words about yourself such as ‘adventurous’, ‘intelligent’, and ‘compassionate’, and desperately try to prove that you absolutely are all of those things and therefore your horoscope is absolutely correct.

Anyways, whether you’re into horoscopes or not, here are eight colleges and their zodiac signs.

*Disclaimer: all of the following pairings are extremely tentative and have literally no rational justification at all *

Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess

Now I am no horoscope girlie, but I’ll do my best.

Gonville and Caius

Star sign: Gemini

Traits: Two-faced

Come on, Gonville AND Caius – I don’t know any other college that could be more two-faced than that; just pick one college name why don’t you? This two-minded college simply has to be Gemini, case closed.

Image credits: Keira Quirk


Star sign: Sagittarius

Traits: Adventurous

You might be thinking, how could Girton possibly have such a legendary zodiac sign (an unbiased opinion from a Sagittarius)? Well, with Girton located a hefty distance out of town, you’ve got to be adventurous to travel that far! To get on your bike and travel through all of that countryside must take some courage, and Girtonians, I’m sure you have plenty of where that came from.

Image credits: Zara Wedgwood


Star sign: Cancer

The crab. There’s just something about all that red brick that reminds me of a crab’s red shell. Maybe it’s just me? Perhaps a tenuous link for a tenuous college.

Seems quite crab-esque to me (Image credits: diamond geezer via the Creative Commons Licence)


Star sign: Pisces

Oh, sweet Emma – compassionate, creative, and generous. With that lovely pool of theirs, of course, Emmanuel would be a water sign. I can’t say a bad word about anybody I’ve ever met from Emma.


Star sign: Capricorn

Again, in my completely objective view, Homerton has to be a Capricorn – the GOAT of course (no pun intended). As we Homertonians say, “Hom sweet Hom” – the vibes, the people, and the space really make up for the distance.

You didn’t hear it from me (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

Capricorn’s traits include being hard-working and practical, and you’ve got to be pretty determined to cycle over the railway bridge to get into town every day. There really is no place like Hom.

The distance is worth it! (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

St John’s

Star sign: Leo

Now I hate to admit it, but St John’s is potentially a tiny bit more renowned than Homerton, so what better star sign to fit John’s than Leo? Leos love being the centre of attention; they’re confident, drama-adoring, and luxury-loving, and you only have to glance at John’s May Ball (and the price of it!) to see why Leo suits St John’s so perfectly.

Image credits: Emily McDonagh


Star sign: Scorpio

Determined and ambitious, but also a bit stingy?


Star sign: Aquarius

Traits: Unique, artistic, and … edgy?

King’s Bunker tickets are always in high demand (Image credits: Facebook @Ticketbridge)

Aquarius’ traits include originality and creativity – maybe I’m giving too much credit to King’s College, but it just seems right to me. With King’s Bunker hosting a range of artistic events with exciting and unique themes, King’s has got to be Aquarius.

We can only dream (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

A very random selection of eight colleges and what zodiac signs they would be. I’m terribly sorry if your college didn’t make the cut, I am no horoscope expert after all. I hope that this article has given you that tiny hit of dopamine we all search for when looking up our own zodiac character traits.

Feature image credits: Keira Quirk

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