We spoke to Cambridge actors for their best tips for applying to Cambridge theatre

So many auditions! So little time!

Getting into the Cambridge theatre scene can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when there are so many amazing actors in and associated with Cambridge. At the Tab, we decided to show you that this leap of faith doesn’t have to be so scary! We spoke to some of Cambridge’s actors and asked for their top tips for applying for roles in Cambridge theatre…

Take Time

Sophie Carlin, a Peterhouse Engling, told us that it is always best to “take time to think about any monologues you perform.” You want to get a “good understanding” of the character that you are portraying so that you can perform to the best of your abilities.

*inserts profound Shakespeare quote about time* Image Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes

But taking time doesn’t just apply to your monologue, when in an audition you might be asked to change your performance. If this happens, show that “you can engage with new ideas” and “adapt your performance”. Directors are looking for actors that are willing to go for it, even when put in challenging situations!

Critique Yourself

Sophie also told us one of her own key acting techniques! Taking a videos of herself when performing the audition means she can replay and critique her own performance. It means Sophie can notice “little things about [her] performance” that she might not have spotted otherwise!

Can feel Shakespeare judging my emotional range… Image Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes

Watching yourself back may also help your understanding of your “emotional range.” After all, you want to show the production team that you are a “versatile and flexible performer.” It might also help you to develop your understanding of character! Ask yourself, where does your character “start the scene and where do they end it? What are they looking for in the moment?”

You Do You

Taking your time to understand a character and to get to know them is a brilliant way to make sure that your audition is the best that it can be! Sophie told us that having a “strong understanding of the character will make it so much easier for you to perform!” You might even want to try annotating “line by line” the important parts of the extract and the ideas you have for performing it!

Be yourself they said… Image Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes

Coco Wheeler, a second year, also said that the best thing to do is be yourself! “Don’t pressure yourself to do everything and make sure you are having fun” because that is what theatre here is all about.

See New Things

Coco told us that it is always worthwhile going to “see as many shows as possible!” This will introduce you to the world of the theatre and give you an idea as to what other people are doing; it might even inspire you to try something new!”

There is always something new to see at the ADC! Image Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes

She also said that, by doing this, you are getting to “meet people in the community.” This is a great way of establishing ties and seeing what sort of auditions are out there! You might meet the director of your next show…

There we have it, top tips from Cambridge’s finest actors! Hopefully you have been inspired to go out and explore the world of Cambridge theatre. Just don’t forget to thank us when you get your next rave review…