Preview: Horse Girls at the Corpus Playroom

Calling all girls, horse girls and horses…

As Week 1 gets into full swing and the realisation that you got a bit too enthusiastic signing up to societies at the Fresher’s fair hits, more shows are getting under way! One of these shows is Horse Girls, the main show for the Corpus Playroom.

We spoke to directors Amy Mallows and Cara Rowland so they could tell us more about this process and the amazing show they have created…

What is the show about?

Cara and Amy told us that Horse Girls is a ‘dark, satirical comedy which tells the story of the Lady Jean Ladies’. These girls ‘devote their lives’ to their horses and their attempt to become Olympic level riders once they are eighteen.

From left to right: Rose Painter, Lily-Rose Morris-Zumin, Maddie Smith, Elizabeth Weber, Amy Lever, Lucy Molnar

However, things quickly go down hill with the girls and, when the choice is between friendship and the horses, nothing matters more than the relationship between girl and horse!

Tell us more about your all female cast and crew

Cara and Amy told the Tab that they love the play because of its ‘purposeful placement of women- and no men- in comedy.’ The cast of 7 allows for all of the actors to being ‘different personalities and different styles of comedy to the show’, meaning that there is no chance of labelling their female cast as only ‘one type of comic.’

From left to right: Lucy Molnar, Lily-Rose Morris-Zumin, Rose Painter, Maddie Smith

They said that they know ‘all too well that comedy can often be male-dominated’ and that this can create a barrier for women interested in joining this area of the arts. Indeed, it can be ‘intimidating and isolating.’

So the directors have put on a show that ‘women can thrive in as individuals!’ They hope that it will be a show for all audiences to enjoy, but ‘female and non-binary audience specifically.’

Who should come and see it?

To this specific question Amy and Cara replied ‘EVERYONE’ (yes the capitals were necessary.) No one needs to be interested in horses to see the show, it is for anyone ‘who’s ready and willing to mock their teenage obsessions, anyone who grew up around groups of girls, anyone who likes a bit of satire and ridiculousness.’

From left to right: Rose Painter, Maddie Smith, Elizabeth Weber

Are there actual horses involved?

Quite possibly my favourite question so far and the answer was……

From left to right: Rose Painter and cast

Sadly not, but there are ‘certainly a few surprises along the way.’

So look forward to some twists and turns in this new all-female play! Book your tickets here. Good luck to the cast and crew as they start show week.

Cover photo credit: Kasia Fallan