Cambridge Freshers’ Fair 2021 to take place in-person

The Cambridge SU has announced it will introduce its own Covid-19 guidelines for the event

The Cambridge SU has announced that the 2021 Freshers’ Fair will take place in-person at Parker’s Piece on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October 2021. The SU says it is “very happy to be returning to hosting an in-person Fair” but plans to introduce its own guidelines in order to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

As it stands, all attendees and stall-holders will be asked to wear masks in the marquee and there will be limits on the numbers of stall-holders per stall. The marquee will also be better ventilated than in previous years.

The SU also intends to introduce a ticketing system to control numbers. Attendees will be able to book free tickets in advance for a specific time slot to enter the fair, which will be released on Wednesday 1st September.

Cambridge SU will also have an online Freshers’ Fair site for anyone who is unable to attend the in-person event. Their website indicates that more information on the virtual site will be released soon.

One incoming fresher said in response to these guidelines “I think that the opportunities to navigate university life in person will provide a more fulfilling experience not only for freshers but for everyone together as a community. Also, for new students, who perhaps haven’t had the chance yet to even visit Cambridge, the news brings much-needed clarity and a refreshing sense of optimism as we head forwards.”

This will mark the first time the event has taken place in-person since 2019 due to the pandemic. Both the 2020 Freshers’ Fair and the January 2021 Re-Freshers’ Fair were moved online to the Cambridge SU website. This year they also plan to run a virtual fair in the same way for those unable to attend the in-person event.

The SU has stated that all requirements and guidelines surrounding the event are subject to change based on the rates of Covid transmission and potential risk to student health and wellbeing.

The Tab Cambridge will have a stall at the Fresher’s fair, go to our Facebook or Instagram for more information closer to the time.

Featured Image Credit: Matilda Head