Students not in Cambridge will not be charged rent over lockdown

An email today confirmed rent will only be charged to students living in their college accomodation

No rent will be charged to Cambridge students who have been prevented from returning to Cambridge by the government during the lockdown period.

An email from Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope today has confirmed that all colleges have agreed that rent will only be charged by colleges to students if they are living in their college accommodation.

This will remain the case for the entirety of the period during which students are unable to return to Cambridge as a result of current government legislation and guidance.

National lockdown measures announced on Monday have told students to remain at home until at least mid-February, where they will receive online teaching.

Exemptions apply to students studying certain courses, such as Medicine, Veterinary clinical courses and PGCE students. The university has said they are currently “seeking advice on whether students on any other courses not mentioned above will be expected to return.”

These students, as well as those who are currently in Cambridge, or will be returning for other reasons such a lack of appropriate study space at home, or health-based reasons, will be expected to pay rent as usual. 


Feature image credits: Diliff; Creative Commons license