Downing’s popular weekly Café event moves online for Easter Term

The College’s cherished “Keith’s Café” moves online to a Discord server to allow inter-college socialisation to continue as usual

Following in the footsteps of many JCRs’ attempts to raise morale for their college communities, Downing College’s Revd Keith Eyeons revealed in an email today that Downing’s beloved weekly ‘Keith’s Cafe’ is moving online.

During a normal term, Keith’s Café takes place every Thursday for an hour from 3.30 pm on the Chapel steps. A range of hot and cold beverages as well as doughnuts and biscuits are on offer to all Downing students for free. A college favourite, this event allows a sense of community to be fostered as Downing undergrads and postgrads mill around the chapel socialising as they scoff down doughnuts and coffee. 

In an email sent today, Revd Keith Eyeons reassured the Downing community that this cherished tradition will be continuing as usual online using Discord. Discord ‘allows people to move around and chat in different groups’ mirroring the usual experience of Keith’s Café. Whilst the ‘doughnuts and coffees will be virtual only’, Revd Keith believes that the ‘social experience should still be the highlight of your week’. 

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