The wonderful ways JCRs are keeping up morale in self-isolation

There are a LOT of yoga sessions and Netflix Parties

In the time of coronavirus, JCRs are working hard to keep up morale, and each one is taking up its own individual stance on it. Here are some amazing ideas JCRs have implemented (feel free to suggest to your own colleges or nick them for your friendship groups!). Some are being more creative than others…


Christ’s has created its own “mega cute” “ENTranet” group, have launched remote pub quizzes, and have “band nights” where people send in videos of their music. Also, one geography student has made a GeoGuesser series based on Christ’s themes (so, for one where Christ’s alumni, Charles Darwin, was the theme – the locations were the Falklands, Litchfield, Brazil etc).


Downing has organised live stream events- welfare on Tuesdays, ents on Wednesdays and liberation (BME and LGBT) events on Thursdays.


Emma is having regular film nights using Netflix Party, has had an Emma bake off and a stash day (where people send in pictures of themselves wearing stash).


Girton has made a Minecraft server paired with Robinson, Pembroke and Newnham, and is giving out virtual welfare packages (think mindfulness videos and bubblebath recipes in your inbox). The JCR are also publishing #HumansOfGirton on Instagram (sharing photos and quotes from people making up the community), launching a stash design competition, and planning cookalongs and virtual at-home formals (including a marriage formal). They are also hosting a VIRTUAL MAY BALL, and have held Virtual Movie Nights every other Sunday.


Jesus has many plans for Easter Term- pub quizzes, book club meetings, music sessions, virtual art gallery and recipes.


Magd has set up a Cute pets of Magdalene Facebook page, has pub quizzes, yoga sessions and a Minecraft server. It is also planning a Great Magdalene Bake Off, a Magdalene Tik Tok page, a JCR formal and some sort of drawing competition.

Norman, the dog of a Magdalenite. Photo credit: Ina Krüger

Murray Edwards

Medwards has been having Netflix Parties, pub quizzes, a bake off and will have Instagram takeovers to share with offer holders what it’s like to be a Cambridge Student both at the moment and in general.


Pembroke has been having Netflix Parties, a College stash day and will have a Great Pembroke Bake off. Pretty standard, really.


Peterhouse is asking students to send in themed lockdown photos – and the winner of the best photo gets a prize from the JCR (as yet unannounced). The college will also have a common spreadsheet so people can add ideas for things to do during lockdown (books, movies, recipes, etc).


Queens’ has its own Minecraft server, fortnightly pub quizzes, an Instagram #HumansOfQueens series, a pets of Queens day, stash pictures days and a bakeoff. There is also an Instagram page (Queens Quarantine Collective), which is unrelated to the JCR, but which posts prompts for artwork that can be done in lockdown and then posts the results. Queens’ boat club is also doing training on Zoom every week.

Artsy times… Photo credit: @queensquarantinecollective instagram


Robinson has started the Big Robinson Blanket Project, whereby members of the college send crochet packs to students, encouraging them to crochet a square to be added to the Blanket, which is planned to be put on display in Michaelmas. It is also having Wednesday Cake on Zoom, has a discord server, a Minecraft server (brickcraft) and is running yoga sessions.

St Catharine’s

Catz is having weekly yoga sessions on Zoom, and has set up some online mindfulness classes.

St John’s

John’s is hosting pub quizzes on Sundays, and have held film watching sessions and a JCR open mic night.


Wolfson’s yoga and dancing societies have continued online, a Gin and Draw Society has started on Zoom, and a Discord server has been created. (*disclaimer*- Wolfson does not strictly have a JCR, more a student committee).


According to the Men’s Welfare Officer at Magdalene College, “CUSU have been excellent in bringing JCRs together, brainstorming ideas, and encouraging welfare officers to keep up morale”. In the coming weeks ahead, it is certainly very encouraging that both JCRs and CUSU are coming up with innovative ways to keep up morale and keep students of the University sane.