Weird boys and unique stash in this week’s column

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T-shirt dresses come to Cam!

Pembroke have upped their game in the stash stakes introducing t-shirt dresses into their clothing range. I am unsure about how many they will sell, or if it will become a uni-wide phenomena but new stash is always exciting!

A steal for £20! (Missguided sell them for £15 but that's not the point)

More fire alarm news!

A fresher lit up a cigarette during a bop at Homerton in the (inside) location of the Great Hall. This inevitably set off the fire alarm. Silly fresher.

Pigeon take over at Sidney

On the top of the curtain rail, a fresher found a pigeon. The porters had to remove them with sticks. Not quite the bats at Magdelene, but close.

Peterhouse weirdness continues

The lights in their chapel turn off random. Panic ensues amongst the choir. They can't see their music. The choir instructor insists they still rehearse. What will they do???

Because it's Peterhouse, someone has a trigger lighter on hand. They light all of the candles! Peterhouse choir can rehearse and order is restored.

An artist's impression

Biggest black cast at the ADC ever

The week 2 mainshow, The Convert, has the largest ever black cast seen on the ADC stage and a majority black crew. Especially after last term's Ghost debacle, the Cambridge Theatre scene needed black representation. Be sure to go, we gave it a 5* review.

Wednesday cindies reaches Girton

Despite the lengthy 2.4 miles between Girton and Cindies, Girtonians have finally got access to Wednesday Cindies tickets through their JCR. This was announced inn line with the 150 year anniversary of the college. What better way to celebrate!

Law student lying about caught lying about relationship

The founder of the #milifandom, Abby Tomlinson, received a dm detailing how a law student had been going around telling people they had been in a relationship for two years. This was apparently not the case, according to Abby herself. How weird.

Cambridge truly is the gutter

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