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Murray Edwards set to hike up rents once again

The 2.4 per cent rise comes despite Medwards’ current position as one of Cambridge’s most expensive colleges

The Murray Edwards College Council has agreed to increase rent levels by 2.4 per cent and has called an open meeting to discuss student concerns.

In an email from the Busar and Senior Tutor, Medwards students were informed that their rent prices were set to rise again in the academic year 2019-20. Murray Edwards is already one of the most expensive Cambridge Colleges to live in: a fact which becomes all the more offensive following the Bunkabins saga of Michaelmas term.

Whilst the news of rising rents might be disheartening to those who have supported the 'Cut the Rent' campaign throughout the university, the College staff did acknowledge the necessity to "review its long-term accomodation strategy."

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Murray Edwards students were notified in an email

Consequently, the senior staff have called an open meeting with Medwards students next week to discuss "rent, accommodation and student finances" which are "fair and…sustainable for both the College and its students".

Particularly in the wake of the Big Robinson Survey's shocking revelations about student welfare at Cambridge, the rent hikes at Medwards raise further concerns about the financial wellbeing of Cantabs: and the accessibility of attending the University.

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