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BREAKING: Zero Carbon protesters DISRUPT Shell annual lecture

19 Zero Carbon activists protested a panel discussion hosted by Shell

| UPDATED Cambridge University Zero Carbon Society

Tonight a group of protesters from Zero Carbon disrupted an event discussing "the role that traditional oil and gas companies could play in the Energy Transition", which had prominent figures such as Upstream Director for Shell, Andrew Brown, in attendance.

The activists managed to evade the security present at the event to enter the lecture theatre in Emmanuel College's Queens Building. The group unfurled banners and chanted slogans until university staff relocated the event after 12 or so minutes.

Whilst protesting the event, members of Zero Carbon spoke with Andrew Brown about a number of climate issues, such as the fact Shell invests 10 per cent of their funds in renewable energy, and Shell's alleged human rights abuses in the Niger delta against the Ogoni people. Last year at the same event, Brown commented in regards to Shell's involvement in Nigeria that he was "fundamentally proud" of Shell's record in the region.

A representative from Zero Carbon told The Cambridge Tab 16 of their members sought ticketed admission to the event with only one being successful, in spite of a number of seats there being empty upon their arrival.

A spokesperson for Zero Carbon said: “We take this action in solidarity with the Ogoni people, the Niger Delta, and all people affected by Shell.

"The colonial violence of the fossil fuel industry isn’t an accident, the climate crisis is fundamentally a product of colonialism and capitalism. Fighting in solidarity with people and communities across the world for total systemic change is the only route to climate justice. Shell can get out of the Delta, get out of Nigeria, and get out of our university.”

A spokesperson for Shell told The Cambridge Tab: "We want to work to help solve the world’s energy challenges and that includes working with those who disagree with us. We will always be open to and indeed welcome honest and constructive discussion and debate.”