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INTERVIEW: What it’s really like to pose naked for RAG

Frostbite, baby oil and unsuspecting milkmen

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Cambridge students turned the nation’s heads when RAG (Raising and Giving) released the images for this year’s Blues Naked Calendar, photographed by Kevin Low. Profits from the calendar’s sales go towards the Society’s selected charities; BEAT, Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre, Mary’s Meal and Papyrus.

I spoke to some of the daring members from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dancesport Acrobatics team, who star in this year’s calendar. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that getting naked on the Mathematical Bridge at 6am is as weird as it sounds.

What were your first thoughts when you were asked to take part in the naked calendar?

TEAM CAPTAIN: Is the world ready for me?

ALBA: Hell yeah, that sounds like fun. Then I realised how cold it was going to be and almost chickened out. Almost.

AMY: What would my Mum think?

Tell me about the day you took the photo.

TEAM CAPTAIN: It was awkwardly liberating, but we were baffled when they handed us a bottle of baby oil! It was just before our national dance comp at Blackpool, I guess it was a great way to bond with partners/ the team.

SAM: Cold.

ALBA: The effort of concentrating on not getting frostbite and doing naked acrobatics without bits touching where they shouldn’t made it hard to feel too awkward. Plus, the baby oil made the acrobatics so much riskier that I spent most of the time thinking about how to avoid slipping head first into the cam.

Did anyone accidentally walk in on the photo shoot?

ALBA: A milkman did cross the bridge halfway through the shoot, though he didn’t think it was too unusual — all he did was remark, “nippy out, isn’t it?” Oh, and the early rowers leaving College at 6am didn’t try to look away either.

AMY: The porters and a couple of surprised college gardeners.

How do you feel about making your national tabloid debut…naked?

TEAM CAPTAIN: You’re welcome.

BEN: Who says this is my debut?

ALBA: It was only a matter of time.

Has anyone recognised you from the calendar?

TEAM CAPTAIN: Yes! People keep commenting on my calves.

AMY: Some people spotted me on the Daily Mail’s Snapchat.

Describe the experience in three words.

BEN: Beware the milkman.

SAM: Excruciatingly, painfully cold.

Would you rather be in the same room as your Mum or DoS when they saw the photo for the first time?

TEAM CAPTAIN: DoS. He appreciates art.

ALBA: Mum. She pre-ordered the calendar as soon as she could.

Would you do it again?

ALBA: Totally. Though the temperature would have to be above zero. And minus the baby oil — that stuff is not made for acrobatics.

TEAM CAPTAIN: If Page 3 agreed to have me.

The RAG Blues Naked Calendar can be purchased online now for £10.