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When it comes to the world, Cambridge is 2nd best

The Times world rankings have arrived.

This year, for the third year in a row, Cambridge has been ranked 2nd behind O*ford in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Although it might be hard for Cantabs to appreciate the importance of coming second, having come first in the Guardian's UK rankings, it's impressive that Oxford and Cambridge have managed to hold on to the top two spots.

For the first time this year the UK has been over taken as the nation that's most represented in the table. Japan came with first with 103, just five more than the UK's 98, which had improved from last year.

We still have some high flyers after Oxbridge with Imperial at 9th and UCL at 16th. And the UK have managed to cling onto the title of being the most represented in the top 200. But overall signs of stagnation are starting to show. With China's new top, Tsinghua University beating both UCL and the University of Edinburgh and 77 of the UK's universities falling or staying put.

Phil Baty who is the Editorial Director of the World Rankings seemed to be unsure as to why the UK's universities were taking a hit. The main affect was seen in their research abilities. And although he believes it's too soon to consider the impact of Brexit he says that the risk UK universities are under of losing reputation is 'very real.'

He also mentioned that 'amid cuts and creeping isolationism' it will become increasingly difficult to maintain world excellence. Especially as so much of the world are focusing on the strength of their universities. This competition is easily seen with countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan ever increasing their number and position within the table each year.