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Meet The Tab’s Easter 2018 Team

Welcome to the Tab brigade

The Tab is back and ready for a new term. "More fresh and amazing content!" we hear you scream. Don't worry, we'll try not to disappoint.

There might be some new faces, but it's the same old Tab. The hottest news, wackiest features and fiery opinions will be delivered straight to your screens. And now with our new up app out and ready to download you can bring The Tab with you wherever you go. Perfect for those dull lectures and dreary supos.

If you want your name featured in Cambridge's most read news website, then join our Facebook writers group where article suggestions will be posted regularly. Alternatively, pitch an idea to one of our editors below. If you want to get more involved with The Tab next term as a section editor, writing for us is a great way to start, as we look to recruit our editors from our best writers.

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Here for all your procrastinating needs


Alice Ding (Jesus)

[email protected]

Associate Editor

George Nairac (Fitzwilliam)

Likes: Original content, spicy news, documenting all aspects of Cambridge life

Dislikes: Emails that contain the word "defamation"

Deputy Editors

Ellie House (St Catherines) Hollie Berman (Murray Edwards) Rachael Goldwater (Murray Edwards)

Likes: Sacrificing their evenings and social lives to painstakingly edit articles.

Dislikes: Articles with the category "Life"

News and Investigations Editors

Flora Bowen (Clare) Henry Weighill (St John's)

[email protected]

Likes: Fresh gossip, firing off FOIs, digging for clandestine material

Dislikes: Having to bash out articles ASAP

Features Editors

Annie Appen (Fitzwilliam) Eileen Macguire (Emmanuel)

Chief Features Writer – Neeraja Chemburkar (Peterhouse)

[email protected]

Likes: Comparing colleges to historical figures, IKEA furniture, all other inane things

Dislikes: Being complained to about why their college doesn't feature

Opinion Editors

Daisy Everingham (Emmanuel) Edan Simpson (Emmanuel)

[email protected]

Likes: Well thought out arguments and debates on topics Cantabs care about

Dislikes: Your dissertation on the rise of left-wing activism or mindless, angsty rants

Theatre Editors

Martha Crass (King's) Alexander Brady (King's)

[email protected]

Likes: Reviewing upcoming theatre talent

Dislikes: Rambling reviews without a point

TabTV Team

Danny Wittenberg (Clare) Will Turner (Queens') Joe Cook (Homerton) Kaia Nisser (St Catherines) Sen Kathiravelupillai (Jesus)

[email protected]

Likes: Producing hot content and new series

Dislikes: Having to edit videos at 3am

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