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Tab Section Editor Applications OPEN NOW

Who wouldn’t want to be part of Cambridge’s most read journalism team?

The Tab Cambridge wants YOU to join the Easter term team.

Fresher or Finalist, experienced or just keen – here is your chance to make your impact in the world of Cambridge journalism.

Want to be breaking news stories to thousands of your fellow students?

Want your articles to be picked up and go national?

Seen enough 'Which X is your College' and think you can do better?

Then here is your opportunity to get CV points, stash, and BNOC fame all in one go!

How to Apply

Choose one of the positions below, and answer the following questions-

– What do you think the Tab brand is?

– What new ideas/article ideas do you have for next term?

– Why should we choose you? If you've written for the Tab before, please link some previous articles.

– For section editors: how would you plan on getting people to write for you? what have you liked and disliked about the section this term?

– For columnists: what would be the style of your column and how would it be distinctive?

Send your application to [email protected] by midnight on Wednesday 14th March.

Please include your name (obviously), CRSID, phone number and tell us your college and year.

We've come so far from just mugs now

News Editors and News Writers

Are you on top of all that is going on? Know from just a whisper what the next big story will be? The Tab wants to be breaking news stories, starting university discussions and even reaching national newspapers. So get on board and start making headlines.

Investigations Editor

Enjoy firing off the FOI requests? This is for those of you out there who want to know Cambridge's deepest and darkest secrets. Think the Tab's famous sex survey. What do you want to find out about what goes on behind these dreamy spires and hallowed halls?

Features Editor(s)

Cambridge is a unique and quirky place, no doubt about that. Do you want to compare all the colleges to eighteenth-century political philosophers? Or maybe give the details of how you would break into John's May Ball? How about sneaking into a medic's dissection class or live-blogging your exam term melt down? The possibilities are endless. Apply here.

Chief Features Writer: Don't feel confident enough to edit your? Just want to write about all things Cambridge? Then apply to write for our features team, and all Cambridge students will thank you, for giving the procrastination material.

Opinions Editor(s)

We love to indulge in some spicy gossip and light-hearted content at the Tab, but that doesn't mean we don't have a serious side. Do you have strong views about everything and engage in hour long gyp room debates with your friends? This position is perfect for you if you enjoy analysing the political, moral, social, environmental consequences of everything that goes on here. Fun opinion articles are also welcome too though.

Opinions Columnist: Left-wing, right-wing, central, apolitical – it doesn't matter – so long as you want to give your opinion on all the news and activities that goes on in Cambridge, here's your chance.

Lifestyle and Fashion editor

Know how to make the best avo-toast? Enjoy analysing outfits in King's Parade? For those of you who want to be beloved in the Cindies smoking area, please apply.

Plus next term Tab Cambridge's very own instagram account will be at your disposable, so you can document Cambridge life to your heart's content.

Interviews Editor

Want to meet all the famous people who come to Cambridge but can't stand trying to be a Union hack? Jealous of those people who have hundreds of likes on instagram just because they met Jacob Rees-Mogg? Or even fancy doing some spoof interviews a.k.a the Rees-Mogg interview that never happened?

Theatre Editor

If you want to swap being on stage to the front row, then this is the role for you. Free tickets to all the plays you want to see, with the power to dissect and criticise.

Sport Editor

The biggest sporting event in the whole Cambridge calendar is coming up – the Varsity Boat Race. If you want front seats to all great sporting events, or know of people doing niche sports, then get in touch.


For those who have a unique slant on Cambridge that they want to put across. Whether your tone is witty, sarcastic, self-deprecating or bright and humorous, we want to hear from you.


They've interviewed everyone from the CUSU candidates to Dick and Dom at Cindies? Want to join the hype? If you want to be part of the TabTV editorial team apply now.

For those who with tech experience and want to be behind the cameras and involved in post-production, apply here.

Join the Tab, and it is guaranteed you won't regret it. Once you go Tab, you never go back. Send applications to [email protected] by midnight next Wednesday. Interviews will be held shortly after.