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FACULTY WARS: Which Sidge ceiling will come out on top?

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves

Do you ever stare up into space whilst pondering over your clever ideas in the library? Or click your neck back when you've been staring down at a book for what feels like 17 hours? ‘Cause I do. Sidgwick ceilings are extremely distracting (or maybe I’m just desperate for any form of procrastination). To save your poor necks, I've been so kind as to review the ceilings for you, so you know where to look up, and more importantly where to keep your head down.

Crim Lib

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An aesthetic crime.

I do not get the purpose of this one bit. Why, just why? Stepping stones on the ceiling?? The rest of the ceiling is a weird shade of concrete and I don't know if these weird rectangles are trying to distract from that, but it's not working. The fact that there are two random lights amongst these flat bricks ruins any regularity that they were trying to achieve anyway. The classic crime of using too many edges in trying to be edgy: 4/10

Classics Lib

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Classically bad.

This ceiling essentially looks like some upside down bread trays, separated with random concrete blocks… It's also super low, the bookcases only just fit in, giving it that dugeony feel which really helps to motivate the poor classics student. And again, what is with the randomly placed lights?? All around weird: 3/10

Law Lib

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There should be a law against being this extra.

The real question here is, does the law library even have a ceiling? The wall seamlessly merges into the ceiling – so really, it's just one big wall… or one big ceiling ?? It's a beautiful building, we all know it – but I'm not going to blow up the lawyers' heads anymore when it comes to the ceiling. Frankly, they're overdoing it and the whole noughts and crosses vibe is just too aesthetic when I'm trying to work. Excessive: 5/10

Music Lib

This ceiling is so frickin’ loud.

Most of us never have reason to visit the Music faculty – but it's so worth it. This ceiling was the best surprise ever. These fun beams, poles, and random windows bring life to the cardboard looking ceiling, giving it a relaxing ambient light when you're rocking to Beethoven. 9/10

Lecture Block

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As Hogwarts-esque as this uni is, no, they don't move like in Harry Potter.

This genuinely makes my legs feel tired just by looking at it. The fun squared spiral is pleasing to the eye, but the reality behind it is too hard to ignore. I'm looking at about 12 different segments of ceiling right now and it's all a bit overwhelming. This would be the perfect ceiling spiral to use in a horror film. Essentially confusing af: 4/10


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EFL – Entirely Fucking Lazy.

Genuinely, wtf? This is probably the worst ceiling I've ever seen in my life. Ever. As an English student, I'm so embarrassed that this construction site shite is our ceiling. In Shakespeare's words himself, "I am sick when I do look on thee." 1/10


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But, have you seen the Seeley seeling?

Wow, just wow. The only bigger skylight in the world is literally the sky. This is also the best type of ceiling for taking peeking snapchats in front of. Apparently it was designed as to look like some kind of prison… but that's not important right now, because either way, this ceiling will be sure to go down in History. Lol. 10/10

People are always telling you to look up, but if I'm being totally honest, if you're at Sidge, then just don't. Keep your head down in your books, else you'll be distracted by both the terrible and wondrous Sidgewick ceilings.