VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Top 100 BNOCs 2K18

The saucy shortlist

| UPDATED 100 2018 biggest names BNOC Cambridge Students

After a RECORD BREAKING almost 2000 of nominations, the Tab has compiled a list of the 100 biggest names in Cambridge! Featuring SJ warriors, drinking society legends and power-hungry hacks.

This year’s nominations have been especially tough. A second year student described as “the most corporate person I’ve ever met” was beaten out by a fellow hack who “has a collection of networking event name tags in his drawer”. One fresher girl allegedly “swaps every Wednesday’, while another loves her degree so much that she “uses a flashlight in lectures”.

This year’s list features the President and/or Captain of every team, committee in this University, with one individual receiving an eye-watering 198 individual nominations! Unfortunately only current students were included. So long-shadowed icons of Cambridge past, alongside fictional/mythical Cantabs will not grace this venerable list.

In our infinite wisdom the Tab editors have put together this lovely poll for you all to fill out. If you recognise a name on the list and think they deserve BNOC glory tick the box next to their name – you can tick multiple names! You only get to vote once though so use it wisely and remember to click the Vote button at the bottom of the poll!

The voting deadline closes at midnight on the 17th February so stay tuned for the all-important results!

This poll has now closed. Thanks for voting!