John’s forges exclusive signet rings for students

Freshly smelted in the fires of Mordor

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St John’s College has announced that it is now offering its students an exclusive St John’s College signet ring.

The ring is sourced from Trinity Street Jewellers in conjunction with Mount Doom Ltd.  The momento costs £65 and comes in three sizes. The cost also includes an exclusive presentation box.

Students of the college were notified with the following email, which was circulated to undergraduate Johnians informing them of the new accessories. The Tab’s Rupert Shearer said of the ring: ‘Oh, an American class ring for an English College. How Novel.’

John’s welcomes students into the Old Boys club

For an extra £10, students can even have their matriculation year engraved on the inside of the exclusive ring. The exclusive ring is only available to orcs from St John’s college. The hobbits and elves from other colleges shall have to go ringless, for now.

John’s student inspects the new and exclusive ring

The Tab spoke to a member of St John’s college, who commented ‘my precious.’