BREAKING: Police chase down “attempted murderer” near Sidney college

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Four police cars chased a car containing three people down Hobson St at 5pm. 

According to a Sidney Fresher, who witnessed the incident while working in his room, at least four marked police cars and one unmarked police car chased a black mini with a white roof down Hobson St this evening.

The girl who was arrested is in the back of the car driving away

As they approached the turn onto King St, one car overtook the white-roofed mini, boxing it in, before “a load of police jumped out and surrounded the car”.

According to the witness “Police tried to get in through the drivers’ side, (but) they can’t. They’ve got batons out at this point.”

Allegedly, after going around to the passenger side, they pulled a man out of the passenger seat, who reportedly slumped against the door of the car for about ten minutes. A girl was then allegedly pulled out the back of the car, then taken to the side of the road and handcuffed.

After the police arrested the second man, who was in the drivers’ seat, he began a loud argument with a police officer, at which point the witness heard the words “attempted murder”, The Tab understands from eye-witness reports.

Other passers-by told The Tab that there were four people involved, a black male in his mid-30s in a tracksuit, a white guy with a shaved head and two girls of South Asian appearance. 

Live from Hudson St

Allegedly, one of the men was tasered and passers-by saw a third man running away, who appeared to evade arrest. 

Witnesses said that they heard the police say there were keys from a burglary in the vehicle. Police also reportedly talked about drugs and mentioned the “attempted murder”.

The second arrest

The police were still in the area outside Stickybeaks on King St at 6.25pm, Multiple cars and a larger van were parked on the road 6pm.

Porters at Sidney Sussex had no information but confirmed that a fire alarm went off in Cromwell Court (overlooking the street) shortly after. When The Tab asked the police for comment, they did not confirm or deny the story.

Police at the scene refused to comment. 

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more details become available. It has been updated at 7pm, Friday 7 October.