Here’s how you can procrastinate in Cambridge this week

The week ahead countdown, for all things culture and entertainment.

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In a remarkable feat of meta-journalism, I have spent valuable study time compiling a collection of opportunities for procrastination this week. It’s even in a click-bait style list.

Go on. Your exams are either over or a month away. There’s a reason Caesarian Sunday is the start of revision.

5. Acting the Goat

acting the goat

A documentary-style sketch show about animals, this Guy Lewy and Emma Plowright original features Riley Smith (an Impronaut who was very popular in ‘when you improv upon a star’ at Corpus Playroom last week). Their promotion has centred a lot around the line ‘a chance to see what animals really get up to when the BBC cameras aren’t rolling’.

This is showing in the Palmerston Room tonight and tomorrow.

Go along for some light hearted fun.

4. John and Jen:

This week’s Corpus Main is a clever, funny, and very musical show about family ties and connections. Fans of CUMTS be prepared – the painfully truthful portrayal of strained relationships is balanced by some absolute tunes. Running at less than 90 minutes, John and Jen is the ultimate study break, and the emotions it rocks through will have you crying into your sleeve when you’re not bopping in your seat. Come CUMTS. Be great.

7pm, Tuesday – Saturday, Corpus Playroom.

3. Nick Clegg at the Union

Nick Clegg gesturing about the size of something.

This Robinson alumni went from being adored by middle class mums to being hated by their teenage children. Poor Old Mr. Clegg has been the subject of near total disdain from students ever since the notorious flip flop on tuition fees. If you’re willing to give him a chance, or just want to ask him to sing the ‘I’m Sorry song that ruined his political career again, then go along. Even if you don’t end up asking an awkward question, someone else probably will.

If you oblige Union hack friends and click ‘going’ but don’t end up making it, it’s fine. As long as you’re sorry, you’re sorry, you’re really really sorry.

Wednesday 5pm at the Union

2. MOTLEY – Visual Media Magazine Launch


MOTLEY is a fresh, freethinking quarterly magazine run by Cambridge students. After a long and exciting development process, we are ecstatic to be launching our amazing first issue, MOTLEY1, on the 27th April with a mini-arts festival in Clare Cellars. Everyone’s invited!!! Free on the door and MOTLEY1 available to purchase.

OPEN DECK are playing and there is a really cool guest speaker in Paul Foster.

Clare Cellars 7:30 pm on Wednesday

Link to the Facebook event:

1. The Cambridge University Kurdish Society presents: The Fight against ISIS and the Future of Iraqi Kurdistan. (Guest Speaker- Veteran Peshmerga Commander Muhammad Haji Mahmud)

Most of us have a knowledge of ISIS that extends past that VICE documentary which is both outdated and, you know, made by VICE. The newspapers never seem to have a particularly firm understanding of what is actually happening, while the politicians on TV are deliberately vague. Here we have the opportunity to hear what ‘boots on the ground’ actually entails, from someone who is telling those boots what to do. The Kurdish people, and their fight for independence is also absolutely fascinating, and subject on which ‘Kaka Hama’ has a lot of insight and experience. If you do HSPS/ Theology/History then this is an absolute must.

We asked KurdSoc a little bit about Mr Mahmud in order to properly show how important a figure he is:

Mr Mahmud took up arms more than 40 years ago against the oppressive regime of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, and has since fought in over 700 battles. He has been seriously wounded six times. He played a key role in liberating the Iraqi Kurdistan from Saddam Hussein.

After ISIS captured Mosul in summer 2014, the Iraqi army fled from Mosul and the neighbouring Kurdish town of Kirkuk. Mr Mahmud, amongst others, started mobilising and commanding the Peshmerga forces from the Kirkuk front. Since then the Kurds have successfully guarded the Kurdish borders against ISIS, which spans over a 1000km. Join us for an exclusive first-hand account in the war against ISIS, and what may follow next for the Kurds?

Be at Mill Lane Lecture Room 2 at 6:30 today. Get there early so you don’t miss out.