#YakAttack: NUS to ban Yik Yak?

Apparently the UK government, BUCS, and now even Yik Yak should “be afraid” of NUS.

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In a bizarre turn of events, the NUS has set its sights against the anonymous social media outlet Yik Yak for being “not nice.” 

NUS president Megan Dunn condemned the popular app, stating “the rise of Yik Yak is a particular menace.”

The committee then went on to endorse a more general censorship of social media, passing the motion to ban anonymous online accounts, and arguing for a policy to restrict what people post on social media during elections.

The committee stated that “Social media during elections does more harm than good.”

Whilst the decision has left many questioning how the NUS could possibly go about implementing this ban, several disgruntled students took to social media to protest, dubbing the motion “awful authoritarian nonsense,” and “totalitarian.”


Taking the yak by the horns.

The attempted censorship of these online platforms may have some riled up, but others seemed less concerned, expressing their surprise that the NUS actually does anything other than offer discounts at Pizza Express.

Despite many people not being aware that the NUS deals in politics, president Megan Dunn  was adamant that “Our government is scared if us – and it should be.”

Is Yik Yak Dunn and dusted?

Yik Yak Dunn and dusted?

Whilst this might be news to David Cameron,  there were a number of proposed motions for the 2016 meeting that seemed to somewhat over-estimate the power of the NUS:

  • A motion calling for the recognition by BUCS of ‘E-Sports’, popularly known as video games.
  • A motion condemning Bashar al-Assad and all ‘imperialist powers’ currently intervening in Syria.
  • A motion calling for Trident to be abolished and all workers in Trident-related industries to be guaranteed suitable civilian jobs.

The motions came just before the denouement of this year’s controversial NUS Elections, in which  Malia Bouattia, has been repeatedly accused of anti-semitism, including by a collection of 55 University Jewish Societies, defeated sitting President Megan Dunn. Cambridge’s own outgoing CUSU President Priscilla Mensah is running for NUS VP for Higher Education against a 7-year (we kid you not) NUS stalwart.

At the time of publication three of Cambridge’s NUS delegates had responded to The Tab’s request they declare who they had intended to vote for in the Presidential Election. Connor MacDonald, Olly Hudson and Roberta Huldisch all confirmed they were voting for Megan Dunn for President.


She's been supported by CAGE

She’s been supported by CAGE