You can’t sit with us: Churchill vs Trinity

Feel you could be more loyal to your college? Now’s the chance by casting your allegiance to your best dressed comrades

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En route to the Mecca of all things beautiful, Churchill promised me a world of grey, concrete indifference pattering with socks and sandals.

This would be quite the Herculean task. And yet, I was pleasantly surprised to find the following two gems.


JACK, Philosophy

EMILY, Spanish & Italian

Despite the questionably open shirt, Jack and Emily impressed us not only with their stylistic flair but also with their CUCFS poses (if that’s a thing).


JAMES, English

HANNAH, Economics

More Reebok than knee-socks: Trinity sheds its traditional roots and intellectual reputation with a casual, sportswear-orientated fit. From vintage Lacoste to the latest Palace gear, James and Hannah effortlessly pull of the fashionable gym-chic.

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