Market Square thugs knock out ‘Cambridge uni fucker’ in random attack

The attack happened two days before the Town vs Gown boxing match – just metres away at Guildhall.

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On Thursday 21 January, Marton Price, a Land Ec student at Tit Hall and President of the Hungarian Society, was making his way to the Van of Life to get some cheesy chips.

It was around midnight, and his friends had just left him to go to Lola’s.

As he made his way past M&S, four men in their mid-20s were passing by in the other direction. But from about 50 metres away – they began to harangue Marton with unprovoked abuse.

“They saw I was wearing like a shirt, a nice blue one, and a jacket, like a suit jacket. And they thought obviously I looked like a Cambridge student, and they started taunting me, being like ‘Cambridge uni faggot’, ‘fucking Cambridge student'”.

As they walked past, “joking and laughing”, one of the four, the second from the right, ran back in Marton’s direction.

“And as I turned, I heard running footsteps. So they passed me as I turned, and then pow … And I didn’t even say anything.”

In Addenbrooke’s.

Marton was punched in the head and knocked out for a whole minute, he thinks. He says the men were “perhaps drunk” but they “could run and coordinate”.

The four men ran off and left Marton to be found by three strangers – Townies, not students – who took him to the Van of Life and called an ambulance, as well as the police.

The ambulance to Addenbrooke’s took around two minutes to arrive but he was in the waiting room until just before 4.00 am – waiting for three hours in the hospital.

A Facebook post after the attack.

The doctors did an x-ray, finding that Marton’s skull had been fractured, and air seeped into his eyeball socket. This air had to be removed in a process that was “super fucking painful”. His eye was bruised, and he suffered a deep cut to the side of his eye, as well as a bleeding nose.

Marton is still on painkillers and said that college – especially its nurse – had been helpful. Marton, who arrived back in Cambridge two days ago and even had a job interview the following week, was advised to leave Cambridge for a bit and was back in Sussex for nearly a week.

While he’s been helped by friends after the “senseless” attack, Marton says, for now, he “wouldn’t go on a night out, at all”.

The police have identified one of the four men from CCTV footage – but they’re still looking to identify the man who punched him.

If you have any information, you can contact the Cambridge constabulary on 101.