Who is Cambridge’s BIGGEST BNOC?

We need your help, cherished readers.

BNOCs cambridge's biggest bno

After a dignified hiatus of three years in which we decided we were above stroking the egos of people who are already priggish enough, The Tab has decided to reinvigorate its formerly infamous trashy celeb magazine-style journalism.

We’re looking for submissions for Cambridge’s biggest BNOC. Fill out our form here. (It’s okay. You’re anonymous.)

Do you have BNOC friends?

Nominate them. They will profess to be angry at you but will secretly harbour gratitude and may even induct you into their inner sanctum of BNOC-hood.

Have you spent your Cambridge career enviously gazing at BNOCs from a distance – through the hazy muck of a smoking area or the dimly lit windows of a posh combination room in town to which you will never be admitted?

Nominate them. All you need to know is their name and have an inkling of what makes their aristocratic life so glamorous.


Cambridge’s Biggest Stock Picture.

Once we’ve received nominations we’ll take the Top 100 and turn it into a carefully calibrated poll for our thousands upon thousands of keen readers to waste their time on in Cambridge’s biggest statistical exercise of the year. We’ll then run the numbers past our crack team of Trinity mathmos who’ll come up with a mathematically precise answer to the question that all of you care about.

Since our high standards of journalism preclude egregious narcissism and we’d rather leave some space for the others, all current Tab journalists are excluded from the contest.

The winner will be crowned Cambridge’s Biggest Name on Campus 2015 and if they’re not too angry at us will be the proud owner of a Tab mug and t-shirt and maximum one free drink.

If Google docs aren’t your thing, email: [email protected] with their:

a) Name

b) College

c) Reason for notoriety

Suggested categories: Union hack, CUCA hack, CULC hack, JCR head honcho, Social Justice Warrior, CUSU hack, man about town, woman about town, drinking soc prez, ADC hack, rugby/football/tennis/croquet blue, Cam FM hack, musician, comedian, that person who everyone knows but who isn’t objectively special for any identifiable reason, members of the Apostles, general twat, BNOOHG (Big Name on Offer Holders’ Group)

d) Any fun facts/memorable anecdotes (optional)