Police crash Peterhouse JCR Christmas Party after drunk fresher smashes window

They asked people to come forward or they would personally inspect everyone


Last night a fresher smashed a window on University property following an alcohol-fuelled Peterhouse JCR Christmas party held in Cambridge City Hotel.

Six freshers attending the event were outside smoking when one eighteen year old undergrad threw a stone at the ground window of The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences on Downing Street, causing it to shatter.


The police were alerted by two passers-by, and showed up just after 11pm. Using hotel CCTV footage, the police were able to identify the fresher responsible inside the party.

The police then stormed into the room where the party was being held, and told guests that if the person responsible did not come forward, everyone at the party would be personally examined.

A spokesperson from the Cambridge Constabulary told The Tab that when the offender came forward along with the others caught on CCTV, he was granted “street bail”. He has been requested to return to the police station later this week.

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A source close to the perpetrator, who was also at the party, exclusively told the Tab that: “They announced over the microphone that the police had people on CCTV and they wanted them to come forward, or they would have to identify people on their way out and arrest them…

“I think that was said to scare people into coming forward.”

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