Tab writers: Where are they now?

They were the ones who insisted they’d stop writing when you stopped reading

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For some people, writing for The Tab is the high point of an otherwise unsatisfying life that usually means winding up unemployed in Tasmania. For others, it’s the start of something bigger and better.

Tab writers have gone on to be employed by The Telegraph, The Mail, HuffPo, Reuters, The Sunday Times and The Evening Standard.

Don’t we all want to write for the Daily Mail? (ACTUAL ARTICLES WRITTEN BY TAB ALUMNI).

Let’s run through what The Tab has contributed to the world in its short post-2009 existence.

Jack Rivlin

Jack Rivlin, media mogul. Guy on the left.

Co-founder of The Cambridge Tab and current head of what is now a multinational media empire set to rival Murdoch’s. Two million students read it per month. Recently expanded to America. Revolutionised student journalism. Nuff said.

Ellie Pithers

After being headhunted by Jack Rivlin in Spoons, she became Features Editor, then Deputy Editor, then Editor of The Tab. After working for The Telegraph for four years, she then became Fashion Features Editor at Vogue.

She says: “The Tab taught me how to sell a story and how to render an idea readable. It also gave me useful digital journalism and social media skills, a grasp of legal issues that crop up when reporting, and an invaluable group of friends who have also progressed in the industry and remain close confidants”.

Taymoor Atighetchi

Co-founder of The Cambridge Tab, he went on to work for Bain & Company (one of the world’s top consulting firms, for those of you who aren’t corporate hacks). So money. Much dignified. (It’s actually frightening how many Tab writers end up at Bain – Pranav Sood, once in charge of Tab sport, now works there too.) Look how fun their Twitter is:

Milo Edwards

You, too, can be a failed Student Union candidate. And bon viveur.

Nigel Farage pales in comparison

Jason Forbes

Hey, he has a Wikipedia page, too. Actor and comedian. Former Tab writer, naturally. His success has everything to do with having written two articles for The Tab and nothing to do with his role in the Footlights.

Milo Yiannopoulos

No, you don’t have to have a timeless sense of fashion to write for us.

Milo, who wrote for The Tab while he was at Wolfson, has reached stage one of Internet stardom: he has a Wikipedia page. He’s also reached stage two of Internet stardom – getting into a fight with Stephen Fry on the Internet.

He was involved in the Gamergate controversy and is currently Technology Editor for horrendously right-wing online newspaper His life since leaving The Tab has included bomb threats and being banned by the University of Manchester’s Student Union for violating their safe space.

If you edit for The Tab, THIS COULD BE YOU in five years time. Wow.

Tabatha Leggett

Former Editor. Works for Buzzfeed. Articles include “If you were a herb what would your name be?” and the definitely-not-sponsored-by-the-Finnish-Bureau-of-Tourism “29 Fairytale Places To Visit In Finland That Aren’t Helsinki”.

What a satisfying career.

Joshi Herrmann

Joshi Herrmann edited The Tab Cambridge with Ellie Pithers in 2010 (aka the dream team). His double tenure as Editor saw The Tab end Varsity’s long reign as Cambridge’s most read news service and, according to his bio, went down so badly at TCS that their Christmas party featured “Joshi is a twat” cookies. He’s gone on to write for Vice, the Guardian and the Evening Standard, and he has now returned to be The Tab’s Executive Editor, based in New York.

Cambridge Union Society Presidents

Is it a coincidence that both candidates for Union President have both worked for The Tab?

We think not.

It is now widely accepted in the Union Society that you are unqualified to run the joint unless you’ve pipped a job at Cambridge’s most read student newspaper.

One day, our fearless investigative journalism and thirst for the truth make us Public Enemy Number One of the Union Society. The next day, we’re in charge.

Post script

We know this piece is a bit wanky. On the plus side, we’re only 60% as desperate as TCS (<3) in their most recent print edition:

Surprise! It’s us, the editors!

But basically, we want fresh blood and while there have been some more worrying examples of previous Tab writers, your life will basically be improved.

Applications to the Cambridge Tab close Saturday. Any questions, get in touch with Lent 2016 Editors James Wells and Xavier Bisits. Details here.