Solar eclipse over Cambridge this Friday

Taking a selfie with it could damage your eyes

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For the first time since 1999, a solar eclipse will be visible in Cambridge tomorrow.

From around 8:30am until 10:45am we’ll be able to view the first solar eclipse of the millennium, with maximum coverage of up to 85 per cent at 9:30am.

As part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the Institute of Astronomy will host a public viewing from 8:30.

The viewing, held at the Sackler Lecture Theatre, will include a short talk about eclipses and a live camera feed. Experts will provide a live commentary during the event.

Scientists have warned against looking directly at the sun during the eclipse.

Experts suggest making a pinhole projector using two pieces of paper and a sharp pin.

The College of Optometrists have also advised against taking selfies with the eclipse, saying even to look at the edge of your screen could damage your eyes.

No matter how tempting it is don’t do it

But don’t worry if you miss this one – there’s going to be another in August 2026.