In defence of: Doing nothing over Easter

Read this if you dare

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The Easter holiday has arrived, and after 8 weeks of an intense Cambridge term, and for some it’s time for another equally intense period of productivity. Or, if you’re anything like me, it is time for the opposite. It is time do to nothing.

To clarify – when I say do nothing, I mean wholeheartedly and enthusiastically commit to doing absolutely nothing. It’s 5 days into the Easter holiday and thus far I am doing a cracking job. I’ve watched 3 series of The Office US and eaten more than my body weight in Minstrels.

However you’d be grossly mistaken in thinking that this meant I didn’t have any work to do. I do, it’s just that my priorities are quite poorly ordered. I’m fully aware that I don’t have a particularly admirable or sensible agenda for the holidays. The issue is, for the time being, I just can’t bring myself to care.

If you look like you could be dead, you are doing something right

My thinking is – after accepting the fact that I have totally relinquished any prospect of being productive during what I am mentally labelling as my ‘Easter chill-out extravaganza 2k15’, the only thing I can do to protect myself from dramatically underachieving in relation to my peers is to encourage them to do the same.

Hello there

In the words of Syndrome from ‘The Incredibles’ – “if everyone’s super, nobody is.” This quote only needs a slight modification to fit our situation– “if everyone’s lazy and procrastinating then nobody is”. It operates by a similarly rock solid pattern of logic, but requires less effort and supernatural affinity.

The fact of the matter is this: If you are still reading, then you clearly either have nothing better to do, or have a great deal better to do but are valiantly disregarding it in favour of trawling through The Tab website.

Supporting student procrastination since 2009

Therefore regardless of which you are, either way its evident I’m preying on the right kind of person. You don’t really want to be working, you want to be chilling, I know you do. So disregard everything you’ve worked so hard for, disregard everything you stand for.

Now, don’t do anything, anything at all. I can assure you, it’s liberating.